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Ревю на албума от My Global Mind – Австралия


Ревю на албума от My Global Mind – Австралия

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ZeeZee Dawson – My Global Mind rock & metal webzine (Australia) 01 October, 2010

As a volunteer music reviewer I must admit that sometimes I get a bit burned out by the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great fun and a great way to keep improving my own personal musical knowledge, but sometimes I have trouble wading through some pretty darn crappy album while looking to forward to others that are in my review queue . But then, there is the polar opposite, the moments that remind me just how lucky I am to be doing this, and I had one of those moments with the new album from a band I had previously never heard of in BASTARDOLOMEY.


Plastic Pig Society – No.1 БГ албум за 2010 година

“Във февруарския брой (№77) на сп. Pro-Rock – в класация за “Топ 10 български албуми за 2010 година” (читателски вот) четем:
Благодарим на всички които ни подкрепиха в тази класация! Rock on!

“Читателска присъда” – стр. 9, сп. Про-Рок бр.77, февруари, 2011